Orgfoto 1.0.3

A practical photography catalog


  • Automatically add the date and author of the picture
  • Fast and stable batch upload option


  • Very few options beyond the basic
  • Plain, outdated interface
  • Program is only available in Spanish

Not bad

Orgfoto is a photo organizer for Windows PC users that will help you keep your digital images all in one convenient place.

If you're an avid picture taker, whether as a professional or just for fun, you probably know how quickly you can get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pictures your digital camera will let you take. Once they end up uploaded to your computer, it can be easy to get them mixed up pretty quickly. Having a tool that will help you organize your photos is of utmost importance as a consequence.

Thanks to Orgfoto, users can avoiding having hundres of pictures with unintelligible file names like DSC04897 or similar. Orgfoto will rename your digital images if you so choose. Orgfoto can also add the date they were taken, the author's name and the model of the camera that took the pictures. avoid having hundreds of pictures with names like DSC04897 unintelligible or similar.

Unfortunately, Orgfoto only has a few options, and nothing's very advanced. The interface is very plain and is only in Spanish, which some users might find difficult if not impossible to navigate, defeating the purpose of the program in the first place.

For a competent but very basic photo organizer, there's Orgfoto.

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